PureCloud for Salesforce のアウトバウンド ダイヤリングについて

クライアントがアウトバウンド ダイヤリング キャンペーンの基本的機能をサポートします。完全なアウトバウンド ダイヤル機能を使用するには、クライアントと共に PureCloud を実行します。

Tip: If you use PureCloud alongside the client, then change your settings so that alerting interactions do not ring in both applications. For more information, see Ringing issues for alerting interactions.

An outbound dialing campaign is associated with a particular queue. If you are a member of the particular queue, when the campaign is active and you change to an On Queue status, you receive outbound dialing interactions. Pick up outbound dialing interactions like any other interaction. 

For outbound dialing campaigns that use scripts, open the script by clicking Script on the interaction. When the script is open or accessible, the Script icon changes from black to orange (except in Internet Explorer). Click Script to bring the open script window to the front of other browser windows.

Outbound dialing interaction alerting

Interactions for preview outbound dialing campaigns work differently from interactions for other types of outbound dialing campaigns. For more information, see Preview outbound dialing campaigns.

For step-by-step instructions on outbound dialing interactions, see Respond to outbound dialing interactions