PureCloud for Salesforce (エージェント) について


The PureCloud for Salesforce integration is a version of PureCloud’s contact center services inside Salesforce, a third-party customer relationship management (CRM) system. There is nothing to install on each user’s computer.


PureCloud for Salesforce provides advanced PureCloud call controls and functionality inside Salesforce.

Supported PureCloud interaction types

PureCloud for Salesforce currently supports call, callback, outbound dialing, chat, and email interactions. For fuller functionality, run PureCloud alongside Salesforce.

Supported Salesforce interaction types

PureCloud for Salesforce currently supports routing Salesforce emails that are received through the Email-to-Case functionality.


Salesforce の PureCloud を使用するには、管理者の資格情報を取得、ブラウザー要件を確認し、ログインします。


For any problems with PureCloud for Salesforce, browse troubleshooting information about individual issues.