PureCloud for Salesforce のスクリプトについて

The client can display scripts in a separate window (or as a console component in Service Cloud) for inbound call, callback, and outbound dialing interactions. Scripts can standardize and guide agent communications with customers. 

スクリプトがあるインタラクションでは、[スクリプト] アイコンがインタラクション上に表示されます。 

Outbound dialing interaction alerting

Open the script by clicking Script on the interaction, or open the console component by clicking the component. You can view the script or console component at any time during an interaction up until you complete after-call work. 

The Script icon on the interaction changes from black to orange (except in Internet Explorer), indicating that a script is open or accessible. Click Script to bring the open script window to the front of other browser windows.

The script or console component does not close between each interaction.

メモ:管理者が Salesforce でコンソール コンポーネントを使うように設定した場合、インタラクションがアラートされるとスクリプトが自動的に読み込まれます。