Enable a script to use external data

Enabling a script’s Data Actions property allows it to use both external data actions and bridge actions. Data actions are disabled by default.

  1. 管理をクリックします。

  2. Under Contact Center, click Scripts.
  3. Click a script’s name to open it in the editor.

  4. Click Script dropdown. Then click Script Properties.

  5. Click the Data Actions property group.

  6. スイッチを [有効] に設定します。

Related Permissions

To use a script with data actions, agents need Integrations > Action >View and Execute permissions.

Script designers also need View and Execute permissions. To add a data action to a script, designers don’t need Add, Delete, and Edit permissions. Those permissions are only required if the designer needs to add, edit, or delete a data action integration. See 製品、役割、権限リスト.