If you would like to request a trial of PureCloud, visit PureCloud Trial. Trials are subject to geographic restrictions.

How long do we have to evaluate the product?

Trials are available for a limited time.




Yes. We will remove your organization after a period of inactivity.   


How do I read a PureCloud Invoice?

See the video overview of How to read a PureCloud invoice.

See the article Your PureCloud invoice explained

当社の PureCloud サービスの請求の開始日と終了日はいつですか?

請求期間は、契約の有効日 (注文日) に開始し、毎月の請求期間が開始されます。例えば、 1 月 15 日に注文された場合、請求期間は 1 月 15 日から 2 月 14 日の東部標準時間 11 時 59 分 59 秒までとなります。

How do I know which service period is included on my invoice?

The prepay users are invoiced in advance, or at the start of each billing cycle. Any additional users and telephony charges are invoiced in arrears and are for usage that occurred during the service dates listed in the Billing Details section at the top of the invoice.

Why do I see both charges for both users and prepay users on my invoice?

The prepay users that you see on the invoice are for the committed or contracted number of users and are invoiced at the start of each billing cycle. The users that are not marked prepay are for the numbers of users beyond the committed amount that were active on the platform in the previous billing cycle, or during the service dates listed in the Billing Details section.

You will also see this on the last invoice of your ramp period, when both the actual users for the previous billing cycle, and the prepay users for the first billing cycle of your contract term will appear on the same invoice.

When is hardware billed?

Contact your designated Customer Success Manager (CSM).

When are enablement service packages billed?

有効化パッケージは、ご注文が処理された後、1 回の前払い料金が請求されます。

PureCloud サービスでは、指定ユーザーまたは同時ユーザーのライセンスをどのように数えますか? 

PureCloud 1, 2, and 3 can be licensed as either a named user or a concurrent user. PureCloud does not support mixing named and concurrent users for PureCloud contact center. PureCloud does not support a mix of PureCloud 1, 2, and 3 users within the same organization.

PureCloud サービスの請求可能な指定ユーザーライセンスの定義は何ですか?

Anyone that logged in to the PureCloud service during the billing period is a billable named user. The user type billed is the highest level license assigned to that the user during the billing period.

What defines a billable concurrent user for PureCloud contact center services?

Concurrent users are available for PureCloud 1, 2, or 3 license types. Any users with a Communicate or Collaborate license type are treated as named.  If a concurrent license model is selected, all PureCloud 1, 2, or 3 users are licensed as concurrent.  It’s not possible to mix named and concurrent PureCloud 1, 2, or 3 user types at this time.  

In a concurrent licensing model, the maximum number (peak) of concurrent (simultaneous) users during a billing period is charged. To support shift changes, usage peaks shorter than 30 minutes in duration are disregarded.  

The user type billed is the highest PureCloud level license that they were assigned during the billing period. Concurrent billing in PureCloud is limited to organizations that are contained within a single geographic region and operate a multi-shift staffing model.  Concurrency is not intended for global, follow-the-sun staffing models. 

Can I schedule more agents than assigned to concurrent licenses?


We have a user that upgraded from a Communicate license to a PureCloud contact center license during a billing cycle. How is this user billed?

This user is billed as a PureCloud contact center user for the full month.

We added a new employee to our service two days before the end of a billing cycle.  Do you prorate this user?

Monthly user fees are not prorated. Adding users at the start of a new billing period is a best practice.

Is there a fee for each of the “people” listed in the directory?

No. We only bill for users that log in to the desktop, web, or mobile user interfaces. 

We deleted a user account for a team member midway through a billing period.  How does that affect our subscription?

The deleted user counts for the current billing period. We do not prorate monthly user fees.

Our team has several non-active user accounts. We don’t want to delete or disable them. Do we still have to pay for them?

いいえ。これらのユーザーは、請求期間中にログインしない限り、 請求可能なユーザーとして数えられません。


After a subscription has been purchased, any admin with the ‘billing subscription’ permission can use the Subscription Admin tool to see how many of each user type license is in use. You can also run a report to see the historical usage of each license and the users

PureCloud サービスの追加インスタンスを購入して、開発、QA、トレーニング環境に使用できますか?

Yes, you can create more accounts that are treated and billed just like your production account. We charge you only for what you use. Given the already low nature of our pricing and the fact that we have the same infrastructure overhead with other types of accounts, we are not able to offer any discounts or special terms.

米国およびカナダでの PureCloud Voice 料金はいくらですか?

詳細は、PureCloud Voice の価格 をご参照ください。

PureCloud Voice アウトバウンド国際通話料金はいくらですか?

詳細は、PureCloud Voice の価格 をご参照ください。

Does your pricing for PureCloud and PureCloud Voice include applicable taxes?



Contact your designated Customer Success Manager (CSM).

What are Basic IVR and Data Storage Charges?

Each PureCloud plan includes a Fair Use allotment of Basic IVR minutes and Data Storage for your organization. Please see IVR usage charges and Data storage usage and charges for more information.

How are add-on charges calculated when using concurrent billing for contact center licenses?

Monthly charges for add-on licenses are calculated by multiplying the usage percentage of the PureCloud licenses by the number of purchased add-on licenses.

Usage percentage x Add-on licenses = Add-on seats billed

The usage percentage is the number of PureCloud seats configured divided by the number of active users.

Billable user count / PureCloud seats configured = Usage percentage

For example, a customer has 1,000 PureCloud 3 agents configured, and 300 of them were active in a month. The usage percentage is 30% (300 / 1000). The customer assigned Salesforce add-on licenses to 200 agents. The customer is billed for 60 add-on licenses (30% x 200).


How do we order an upgrade to our service?

Contact CloudSales@genesys.com.

How do we receive an initial quote for a new service?

Contact CloudSales@genesys.com.



サービス レベル契約はどこで参照できますか?

サービス レベル契約は、有料サービスにのみ適用されます。サービス レベル契約で確認できます。


We worked hard to make our legal agreements customer-friendly and generally do not accept changes. Avoiding expensive legal discussions is one of the reasons we can offer the low prices that we do. Contact us at legal@genesys.com for questions.


いいえ、上記でご説明したように、当社は、お客様が当社と締結するサブスクリプション ベースのパートナーシップの種類に適した非常に顧客フレンドリーな取り決めを作るよう努力しました。カスタム契約には対応いたしかねます。御社でそのように複雑な取り決めが必要な場合は、当社のプレミスベースの CIC 製品をご検討ください。


Please contact your PureCloud sales team (direct or partner) for new hardware orders. If you have questions contact InsideSales@genesys.com.




利用できる支払い方法は何ですか? また、支払い条件はどうなっていますか?

ACH/EFT、銀行振込、小切手でお支払いいただけます。当社のお支払い条件は 30 日です。

Can I pay my invoice by Credit Card?

Currently customers in the US can now conveniently pay some invoices online using our free Easy Pay Portal. Questions? Visit the Easy Pay FAQ page or contact Collections@Genesys.com for more details.

How do I cancel a paid subscription?

Please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to assist with any service changes.

メモ:  あなたは、支払っていない料金の最終請求書を受け取ります。


Yes. Contact purecloud-invoicing@genesys.com to initiate a billing contact change.


現在、オーストラリア ドル (AUD)、ブラジル レアル (BRL)、カナダ ドル (CAD)、ユーロ (EUR)、英国ポンド (GBP)、日本円 (JPY)、ニュージーランド ドル (NZD)、および米ドル (USD) でお支払いいただけます。