Campaign rules view

This view manages campaign rules. Campaign rules affect the execution of campaigns, based on the current number of campaign agents or a campaign’s percentage of completion. Unlike call rules, which apply to calls, campaign rules apply to campaigns or sequences of campaigns.

  • Campaign rules evaluate running campaigns to take actions such as starting, stopping, setting priority, or recycling the contact list.
  • Rule conditions compare the current number of campaign agents or a campaign’s realtime percentage of completion to predefined thresholds.
  • To have effect, a campaign rule must be turned on by setting its Status switch On in the Campaign rules view.

To set up rules that affect the processing of calls instead of campaigns, use call rules instead.

Click the image below for details about the Campaign rules view.
Opens a rule for editing, if a single rule is checked, and this button is clicked.
Duplicates checked rules.
Deletes checked rules.
Creates a new campaign rule.
Use checkboxes to mark items to be deleted or copied
These switches turn a campaign rule On or Off to make it active or inactive.
Filter rules by typing all or part of a rule name in this box.
Sorts the list of entries in ascending or descending order.
Click a rule name to open it in the rule editor.
ページ コントロールは、次のまたは前のエントリのページへナビゲートします。オプションで、各ページに表示されるエントリ件数を変更することができます。現在の位置がページ番号により示されます。
Selects or deselects all entries in the view.