Configure an attempt controls entry

The following permissions:

  • Outbound > Attemptlimits > Add
  • Outbound > Attemptlimits  > Delete
  • Outbound > Attemptlimits  > Edit
  • Outbound > Attemptlimits  > View
    1. 管理をクリックします。
    2. [アウトバウンド ダイヤル] をクリックします。

    3. [リスト管理] をクリックします。

    4. Click the Attempt Controls tab.

    5. [新規作成] をクリックします。

    6. Name the entry by typing in the Attempt Control Name box.

    7. 試行回数の制限をリセットするときに、[日次] および [実行しない] のいずれかを決めます。

      • [日次] を選択して、[連絡先ごとの最大試行回数] または [番号ごとの最大試行回数] に設定されているしきい値にダイヤル試行回数を制限します。翌日、試行回数カウンターはリセットされ、次回のダイヤル試行が開始します。

      • 実行しない は、いったん最大試行回数のしきい値に到達したら試行回数カウンターをリセットしないことを示します。

    8. 日次のリセットを選択した場合は、[タイムゾーン] を選択する必要があります。タイムゾーンによって、1 日の制限が決定されます。1 日はそのタイムゾーンの零時に開始します。リセットが全く発生しない場合、タイムゾーンは無視されます。

    9. [連絡先ごとの最大試行回数] の内部をクリックします。数字を入力するか、スピン コントロールを使用して連絡先をダイヤルできる最大数を設定します。

    10. Click inside Max Attempts Per Number. Type a number or use the spin control to set the maximum number of times that each number in a contact record may be attempted.

    11. Click Optional Settings.
    12. The settings below Recall Controls optionally limit call attempts for individual call analysis results. You may also set the number of minutes the system waits between recall attempts. For more information, see Callbacks in campaigns.

      1. Select Answering Machine, Busy, Fax, or No Answer from the Recall Type box. This entry is required if you enter a value for Number of Recall Attempts or Minutes Between Attempts. Conversely, if you make a selection from the Recall Type box, you are required to specify values for Number of Recall Attempts and Minutes Between Attempts.

      2. Set Number of Recall Attempts to a value between 1 and 100.

      3. Set Minutes Between Attempts to a number of minutes the system should wait between attempts. This value cannot be less than 5 minutes, and may not exceed 480 minutes.

      4. (Optional) Click + to define thresholds for a different call analysis result.


      • The Number of Recall Attempts must be less than the Max Attempts Per Contact.
      • The total recall time ([number of attempts] times the [minutes between attempts]) cannot exceed 480 minutes.
      • If a contact has multiple phone numbers and you configured a Recall Type entry, when the campaign receives that Recall Type for the first callable number, it makes all the recall attempts configured for that number before dialing the next number.
      • The system schedules recalls for calls that result in Busy, No Answer, Machine, or Fax (if configured). If any other result occurs, the system does not continue to schedule recalls.
      • Attempt controls are overall limits for a contact list, while recalls by disposition are per campaign run. Example scenario: Number of Recall Attempts = 3, Answering Machine Recall =2, and No Answer Recall = 2. If the campaign calls a number and gets an answering machine twice, it won’t attempt to call the number again for that campaign run. However, if the campaign is recycled or restarted, the campaign will call the number one more time before blocking it for attempt controls.
    13. 保存をクリックします。


Note: An error message appears if the new attempt control entry exceeds the maximum limit count of 1000. Delete old or obsolete attempt control entries as needed and click Save again to complete the new attempt control entry configuration.

Call results that do not count as attempts

The customer’s phone doesn’t ring under the following call results, so the customer would not see the missed call. For this reason, the system does not count these results against attempt control limits.