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PureCloud Customer Care is focused on your experience through a global, live answer 7X24 PureCloud Customer Care model. This article will focus on defining Severity levels, target Restoration and Resolution times, Root Cause Analysis, and the PureCloud Customer Care Response Policy which enables PureCloud Customer Care to provide the customer with the most effective and efficient experience possible. 

Prerequisite: You must be a Designated Contact to contact PureCloud Customer Care.

Become a Designated Contact by taking the PureCloud Customer Roles and Responsibilities training and completing the form at the end of the training. Allow 48 business hours to receive your credentials.

status.mypurecloud.com で、PureCloud の稼働状況、システム可用性、およびインシデント情報を確認してください。

PureCloud Customer Care offering 費用 移動
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PureCloud Self-Support

My Support Web Portal 
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PureCloud Customer Care (Japan)  Overview of PureCloud Customer Care in Japan

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Phone Support
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Please do the following before opening a case by using the My Support web portal:

  • Do some basic troubleshooting. See Troubleshooting before calling Customer Care.
  • Make sure to understand which problems PureCloud Customer Care is responsible for handling. See Customer areas of responsibility.
  • 以下の情報を収集します。
    • 組織の略称。[管理] > [アカウント設定] > [組織の設定] をクリックします。 
    • 組織 ID。 [管理] > [アカウント設定] > [組織の設定] に続き、[詳細] をクリックします。
    • 会話 ID (見つける方法)
    • 問題と、業務上の影響についての説明


  • 設定ファイル、エラーのスクリーンショット、コンソールのログ記録など、問題の分析に役立つその他の情報を収集してください。 
  • Report each issue separately so it can be individually tracked to a successful resolution. For best results, avoid grouping issues together.
  • For resolution of Critical (Severity Level 1) issues, a Designated Contact must be available at all times to work with PureCloud Customer Care.

Severity is defined as the impact an issue has on the Customer’s ability to conduct business. Restoration targets are based on the Severity level assigned to an incident by PureCloud Customer Care.

Priority is defined as the Customer designated level of importance and is used as a weighting factor when defining the Severity Level of an incident. 

PureCloud Customer Care orders issues based on the Severity level.

重大度レベル 定義
1 – Critical  重大な問題が発生し、お客様は重要なビジネス機能を実行することができない状態です。回避策はありません。
2 – High お客様は業務を遂行することはできるものの、パフォーマンスが低下または非常に限定されています。
3 – Medium The Customer’s ability to perform job functions is largely unaffected, but noncritical functions or procedures are unusable or hard to use. A workaround is available.
4 – Low

PureCloud is available and operational; trivial impact to Customer’s business operations or Customer requires information or assistance on the PureCloud Service capabilities or configuration.

The characteristics set forth in the above table are used to identify the criteria for the severity of a Customer’s case. The assigned severity level for an issue may be mutually re-determined by both Genesys and the Customer during the issue resolution process, but Genesys shall have the final authority as to the actual Severity designation.

All target initial response times apply to business hours Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm customer local time. Severity 1 or Critical impacting incidents are supported and responded to 24x7x365.

メモ: 直ちに解決できない再現可能なエラーは、上位レベルにエスカレートされ、さらに調査と分析が行われます。

Severity Level Standard Initial Response Time
1 – Critical 

A severe impact or degradation to the Customer’s business operations caused by intermittent disruption of Genesys PureCloud Service.

Response Target: 10 min. (phone)

2 – High 

Genesys PureCloud Service is available and operational; moderate impact to the Customer’s business operations.

Response Target: 1 business hour (web)

3 – Medium 

Genesys PureCloud Service is available and operational; nominal adverse impact to the Customer’s business operations.

Response Target: 2 business hours (web)

4 – Low 

Genesys PureCloud Service is available and operational; no impact to the Customer’s business operations or the Customer requires information or assistance on the Genesys PureCloud Service capabilities or configuration.

Response Target: 1 business day (web)

The objective of PureCloud Customer Care is to restore functionality as quickly as possible. 

Time to restore is the amount of time a Customer is impacted before functionality is restored. 

Time to resolve is the amount of time it takes to resolve the root cause of an issue. 

Time to restore targets are based on the assigned Severity Level.  


PureCloud Customer Care analysts aim to reach restoration of your issue within the following target restoration times.

Severity Level Restoration Target
1 – Critical 

 4 hours

2 – High

 2 business days

3 – Medium

 5 business days.

4 – Low   N/A

When an outage is resolved, the Priority 1 case moves to either a Resolution Proposed or Closed state, and PureCloud Customer Care creates a follow-up case as a Priority 3 for the root cause analysis (RCA) of the outage.

PureCloud Customer Care provides the customer with a status update from the Priority 1 case at time of closure. The update contains a brief explanation of the outage and an initial RCA, which briefly describes the known cause of the issue. If a complete RCA is not available at the time of the closing of the Priority 1 case, then the case is not closed until PureCloud Customer Care  completes a follow-up investigation.

PureCloud Customer Care provides a comprehensive RCA to the customer within 2 business days of resolution for Critical issues and within 5 business days of resolution for High issues. If the customer requires additional documentation, then the customer can make such request by opening a new case. The case must include the case number of the original trouble reported and contact information for distributing the documentation. If the customer requires a follow-up discussion in addition to the documentation, then the customer can add this request to the case. A meeting is then coordinated when the final document is delivered.

For any Customer Care case escalations where impact and urgency has reached critical levels and the case has not received the level of attention desired, you may request additional urgency via the following process:

  1. The initial escalation request should be made through your open My Support case. This request should include a clear and concise description of the issue and the impact to your business to help the Care team prioritize your case appropriately. See escalation template below.
  2. If you are unsatisfied with the level of attention after escalation from within the My Support case, you should contact your TAM (Technical Account Manager), if applicable, to request further urgency.
  3. If you do not have a TAM, please send your urgency request to PureCloudManagementAttention@genesys.com. Use the email information template below.

Note: This distribution channel is only monitored during normal business hours from Monday to Friday and exclude weekends and public holidays. For any urgent issues or requests, please contact us on any of our Support IVR numbers posted.

Email information template

To expedite the request and to enable us to serve appropriately, It is important to note that the following minimum information must be provided:

Subject: Customer Name – My Support Case Number – Brief Problem Statement

My Support Case Number:

Customer Name:

Customer Region/Country:

Detailed problem description:

Business impact /Urgency rationale:


Thank you for your attention and consideration. We will endeavor to respond to your request as soon as possible.

To maintain a high quality of service and prioritize issues appropriately, PureCloud Customer Care requires that all cases are actively worked on by the Designated Contact. Cases that have not been adequately responded to in three business days are subject to closure with advanced notice. Likewise, cases that are in Resolution Proposed status, with no reported issues, are closed at the end of the third business day