Customize interaction details

Note: This article applies to PureCloud for Salesforce.

このページで説明されている機能は近日リリース予定です。詳細は、リリース ノートを参照してください。

By default, interactions in the client display certain information in a particular order based on the type of interaction. You can change the default attributes used or the default order of this displayed information.

After setting up a call center for the first time or upgrading to a new version of the managed package, customize the interaction details.

  1. In Salesforce, click Setup.
  2. Search for Installed Packages.
  3. Under Build, click Installed Packages.
  4. On the Installed Packages page, click Configure next to the PureCloud for Salesforce package.
  5. Under Choose a Call Center, select the version of the call center definition.
  6. Under Customize Interaction Details, click Arrow  next to Call Details, Callback Details, Chat Details, Email, or Message Details, depending on which interaction display you want to modify.
  7. 属性を追加するには、以下の手順を実行します。
    1. Type an interaction attribute in the text box and click Add.

      The interaction attribute then appears under Available AttributesCustomize Interaction Details in Salesforce

      インタラクション属性 インタラクションのタイプ 説明
      Call.Ani Call, callback Phone number of the caller.
      Call.CalledNumber Call, callback Phone number dialed (DNIS or SIP addresses for queues).
      Call.ConversationId All* Interaction ID.
      Call.QueueName All* Name of the queue that the interaction routes to or from.
      Call.RemoteName All* Remote name for the active interaction. Note: For SMS messages, this attribute returns the display address for the active interaction.
      Call.State All* State of the interaction (for example, ALERTING, CONNECTED, DISCONNECTED, HELD).
      Email.Subject メール Subject line in the email.
      Message.Type Message Type of message interaction. Values: facebook, line, sms, twitter, whatsapp.
      Message.Username Message User name associated with Twitter messages. Nothing returned for Facebook, LINE, SMS, or WhatsApp messages.
      Message.Userid Message User ID associated with Facebook, LINE, and Twitter messages. Phone number associated with WhatsApp messages. Nothing returned for SMS messages.
      Participant.{ColumnName} アウトバウンド ダイヤル Column name in campaign management contact list. See Contact list view.
      Participant.{CustomFieldName} Call, callback, email, message, ACD voicemail Custom field name that is assigned using Set Participant Data in an Architect flow. See Set Participant Data.
      チャット Custom field name that is used in the chat widget.
      Salesforce.CallTimeElapsed All* Time that indicates how long the interaction has been connected, from the time of connection to disconnection or wrap-up completion.
      Salesforce.DisplayAddress Call, callback, outbound dialing, chat, email, SMS message Remote address of the active interaction (phone number for call, callback, outbound dialing, message, and ACD voicemail interactions; email address for chat and email interactions).

      * All refers to call, callback, outbound dialing, chat, email, message, and ACD voicemail interaction types.

    2. To move the added attribute from Available Attributes to Selected Attributes, click Arrow .
  8. To change the order in which the values of the attributes appear on the interactions, click Up and Down
  9. 属性の追加と並べ替えを終えたら、[保存] をクリックします。

統合によりページが再構成されると新しい属性や表示順が使用され (ページの更新後、他のページへの移動後、ログイン後)、クライアントに既に表示されているインタラクションに影響が及びます。 

For information about all steps necessary to set up a call center, see Set up a call center.

For more information about the integration, see About PureCloud for Salesforce.