Enable or disable company directory support

By default, company directory speech recognition is enabled for new flows. When enabled, callers are not be prompted to say the name of the person they want to reach. Architect does not provide automatic prompts for use when this feature is enabled--you must include instructions for the user in your recorded prompts.

  1. Open the flow for which you want to enable company directory support.
  2. In the flow’s Settings area, select Speech Recognition.
  3. In the Speech Recognition design area, under General Speech Settings, ensure the Enable speech recognition for the entire flow is checked.
  4. [社内連絡先] 領域で、次のうちいずれか 1 つを行います。
    • フロー全体の社内連絡先音声認識をアクティベートするには、[フロー全体に有効] を選択します。
    • メニュー開始、またはタスク開始のみで、社内連絡先音声認識をアクティベートするには、[タスクまたはメニュー開始のみで有効] を選択します。
    • 社内連絡先音声認識の設定をオフにするには、[フロー全体に無効] を選択します。
  5. Upload or record your company directory prompts. For more information, see the Suggested content.