Return to Agent action

In secure flows, the Return to Agent action is a terminating action that ends the flow. This action should only be used in secure call flows initiated by an agent, not in a Transfer to Secure Flow action. Depending on the flow design, adding this action at the end of the secure flow can:

  • Return the caller to the initial flow and reconnect with an agent or automated resource.
  • Disconnect the call if the flow instance is the only other participant other than the current call.
Note: The Return to Agent action does not transfer the call to a new agent or destination.

When the secure flow ends, the system sends stored variable values to the agent, such as a confirmation number in the agent’s script.

The Return to Agent action can be used in menu choices and task sequences. When you use an action in a menu choice, Architect provides additional settings such as DTMF and speech recognition. 

名前 説明
名前フィールド アクションの示差的な名前を入力します。ここで入力するラベルはコール フロー構造に表示されるアクションの名前になります。