PureCloud for Zendesk をインストール

To use the integration, install the PureCloud for Zendesk app from the Zendesk Apps Marketplace and then configure items on the Installation screen.

In Zendesk, follow these steps:

  1. Click Support.
  2. Click Admin (gear icon).
  3. Click Marketplace.
  4. Zendesk アプリの PureCloud を選択し、インストール手順を実行します。
  5. On the Installation screen, configure the following items:
    • Title* 

      This required field is the name for the app that displays in your Zendesk organization.

    • PureCloud environment*

      統合は、御社の PureCloud 組織のある Amazon データセンターを参照する必要があります。そうしないと、エージェントを含み、御社の組織を使用しているユーザーは誰もログインできません。統合はデフォルトで米国東海岸の Amazon データセンターを指します。

      This required field allows you to change your PureCloud environment to match the location of your PureCloud organization. Modify the URL that appears under PureCloud Environment based on where your PureCloud organization is located. 

      • Australia/New Zealand: apps.mypurecloud.com.au
      • East Asia (Japan): apps.mypurecloud.jp
      • Europe (Ireland): apps.mypurecloud.ie
      • North America: apps.mypurecloud.com
    • Make comments public? 

      This selection determines whether comments that the integration generates on tickets are public or private. When this selection is enabled (public), these comments are visible to all people, including customers, and are sent to the ticket requester. When this selection is not enabled, these comments are only visible to other agents, and are not emailed to the ticket requester. 

    • Enable server-side logging

      By default, logs appear in your browser console that you can use to troubleshoot issues. You can also configure PureCloud for Zendesk to save logs server side by selecting Enable server-side logging. Customer Care can then access these logs directly, eliminating the need for you to send them.

      Note: If you have a slow or unreliable Internet connections, or you risk running out of session storage, we recommend that you do not select Enable server-side logging.
    • Enable role restrictions?

      This selection allows you to restrict the use of this app to certain roles.

  6. [インストール] をクリックします。

Installation window

メモ: 更新プログラムの統合と PureCloud の両方に自動的にプッシュされ、Zendesk または PureCloud を更新する場合があります。

After installation, you can change these settings.