My Schedule view

  • To view schedules:  Workforce ManagementAgent ScheduleView permission
  • To submit time off:  Workforce Management > Agent Time Off Request > Submit permission


Access your schedule from the My Performance views. View schedules by day, week, or month, and also submit time off requests.

View your schedule

  1. Click PerformanceMy Performance
  2. Click the Schedule tab. 
  3. To see the most current data, click Refresh . This view does not update automatically. 
  4. Hover over the schedule for more information about it. The view highlights the current day in a contrasting background and indicates the current time with a horizontal bar. If you are out of adherence, the system displays a message at the top of your schedule and outlines the conflicting activity in red. For more information see View out of adherence notifications.
  5. To see different dates, use the date range selector.

    To use date filters to customize analytics views:

    1. Click the icon for a date filter. Queues Performance date filter
    2. Click a view option for the chosen date filter.Queues Performance date filter options

    The view displays data for the selected date filter.

    If the view updates automatically and the selected date filter includes the current interval, then PureCloud continually updates the view to get the most up-to-date information. If you would like to update the current interval statistics manually, then click Refresh. If the selected date filter shows historical data (past intervals), then the view does not refresh.

    Note: Some views do not include all date filter options.

    アイコン Time Period オプション
    Queues performance day icon

    Day: Shows data for a single 24-hour day.

    Interval: Shows data for a 30-minute time period. To view the current interval, click Current Interval next to the date display. 

    Note: The Queues Performance Detail view does not include this option because the view already shows intervals in the data grid.

    Queues performance week icon

    Week: Shows data for a Sunday through Saturday time period.

    Previous 7 days: Shows data for the previous seven days, with today being the seventh day.

    Queues performance month icon

    Day: Shows data for the exact month with no extra days.

    Week: Shows data for a calendar month starting on Sunday and ending on Saturday. Includes extra days if the month does not start on Sunday.

    Queues performance custom icon Custom date range Date range picker: Shows data for the range of dates that you select with the date picker. Click a start date and an end date on the calendar, then click Date picker apply

    To view data for a different time period using the same filter settings, click the arrows on either side of the date display. For example, to view data for the previous day, click the day filter and then click the arrow on the left side of the date.Queues performance date

    To view data for the time period that includes the current interval, click Today or Current Interval as applicable. These links only appear when you view historical data that do not include the current date and time. Queues Performance view current day or interval

  6. Click the tabs to open your My Performance, My Status, and My Evaluations views.
    Note: Each view has its own permissions. For permission requirements, see each view’s article.

View and request time off

From the Time Off Requests pane in the My Schedule view, you can submit a time off request, view your approved and pending time off requests, and cancel eligible time off requests. 

To view your time off requests, click Time Off Requests, on the My Schedule view.

To see a summary of your time off requests:

  1. From the My Schedule view, click Time Off Requests . The pane displays pending requests, time off scheduled for the current week, and upcoming requests.
  2. To see more details about a request, click the request.
  3. To view a list of all approved, denied, and pending requests, click View All Requests at the bottom of the pane. 
  4. To return to the summary list, click View Request Summary.

  1. Click Add Time Off Request 
  2. From the Type of Time Off list, select the appropriate type of time off.
  3. To select dates for your time off, click the date range icon.Date range icon 
  4. Click the appropriate beginning and ending dates, then click Submit 
  5. If you want to submit a full day time off request, do the following:
    1. Leave the Full Day check box selected.
    2. [日次長さ] 領域で時間の上向き矢印と下向き矢印を使って、日毎の休みを調整します。
  6. If want to submit a partial day time off request, do the following: 
    1. Click to clear the Full Day check box.
    2. In the Length area, click the Hours and Minutes up and down arrows to adjust the length of the time off. If your partial time off request spans multiple days, PureCloud uses the same times for every day of the request.
    3. In the Start Time boxes, click the up and down arrows to select when you want the time off to start. PureCloud automatically calculates the end time based on the length you selected.
  7. (Optional) Under Notes, enter any details about the reason for the request.
  8. 保存をクリックします。

Note: If your full or partial day time off requests overlaps with another full or partial day time off requests, PureCloud displays an error message and does not process the current request.

You can cancel a time off request if: 

  • The request is pending.
  • The request is approved but scheduled for a future date.
  • If the request was denied.


  1. From the My Schedule view, click Time Off Requests .
  2. Select the time off request you want to cancel. 
  3. From the time off configuration pane, select Cancel Request.

Note: Only the agent who made the request can cancel the time off request.

You can edit only the notes of pending time off requests after you create it. You cannot edit the type, dates, or duration. You can, however, cancel the request and create a new one as long as the original request meets one of the following criteria:

  • The request has not yet been approved.
  • The request is approved but scheduled for a future date.
  • The request has been denied.

To edit the notes section of pending requests:

  1. From the My Schedule view, click Time Off Requests 
  2. Select the time off request you want to edit. 
  3. Make changes to Notes
  4. 保存をクリックします。

Work with shift trades

In the My Schedule view, you can request to trade a shift with another agent, drop a shift and make it available for another agent to pick up, and add another shift to your schedule. To perform these tasks, click the Shift Trades icon.

For more information about shift trades, see the following articles: