Outbound settings

The following permissions:

  • Outbound > Settings > Edit
  • Outbound > Settings > View

Configure outbound campaign call settings, including automatic time zone mapping settings, that apply to all campaigns in your organization.

  1. 管理をクリックします。
  2. Under Outbound Dialing, click Outbound Settings.

Outbound Settings

In the Outbound Settings section of the page, you can configure the following call settings:

設定 説明
Max Calls Per Agent Limit the maximum number of outbound campaign calls that the system can place to an agent. Type a value less than the maximum of 15.
Max Line Utilization

Changes the percentage of maximum number of outbound lines that the system can use. For example, to leave 40% of the lines available for inbound calls and use 60% for outbound campaign calls, set the value to 60.

This setting applies only to campaigns that specify Edge groups. It does not apply to preview campaigns.

Example: a customer has 2 Edges assigned for a campaign, and each Edge has 256 lines. If Max Line Utilization is set at 75%, only 384 lines will be used out of 512 total.

Compliance Abandon Threshold (in seconds) Change the allowable amount of time (threshold) for an agent to answer a call transferred to a queue before the system considers the call a Compliance Abandon. Type a value in seconds. The default is two seconds. For more information, see Outbound abandoned calls.
Calls Subject to Compliance Abandon Rate

Change the group of calls subject to the Compliance Abandon rate calculation. Select All Calls or Calls that reached the queue. For all calls, the calculation is abandon calls/all calls, including, for example, busy and no answer. For calls that reached the queue, the calculation is abandon calls/only the calls transferred to the queue, usually live voice calls.