Release notes for the PureCloud browser extensions

This article describes all releases for the PureCloud browser extensions (PureCloud for Chrome and PureCloud for Firefox).


These features are described in our documentation but are not yet generally available.

  • WhatsApp interaction support

August 7, 2019

  • Single sign-on identity provider functionality

    Administrators can now configure the extensions to use a single sign-on identity provider when agents log in to the client: Configure the PureCloud browser extensions.

May 15, 2019

  • Out of adherence notification

    The client now notifies agents when their status does not match their scheduled activity: Out of adherence.





  • Notifications setting

    Agents can configure the client to show notifications outside the client when interactions alert: Configure notifications.


  • Flag problematic calls

    Agents can now flag calls and ACD voice interactions that have voice quality issues, such as deteriorated audio, unexpected disconnections, incomplete connections, and failed transfers: Call controls.


Build 1.0.2525
  • Facebook, LINE, and Twitter interaction support

    The integration now routes inbound Facebook, LINE, and Twitter interactions: About messages.

  • Out of Office scheduling

    Agents can now schedule Out of Office dates and times from the client: Change your status.

  • Timer for non-time-boxed after-call work

    Timer added to the Wrap-up window to show the amount of time spent on non-time-boxed after-call work: Wrap up an interaction.


Build 1.0.2503
  • Caller ID support for outbound calls

    Administrators can now configure the integration to send caller ID information on outbound calls through agent input or global configuration: Make a call and Configure caller ID.


Build 1.0.2458


Build 1.0.2458