Salesforce Lightning Experience

Note: This article applies to PureCloud for Salesforce.

You can use PureCloud for Salesforce with Salesforce Classic or Lightning Experience. The managed package that you download from the App Exchange includes two definition files: one for Salesforce Classic and one for Lightning Experience. You can associate your Salesforce user with either definition file, but not both simultaneously.

Lightning apps setup

To use PureCloud for Salesforce with Lightning Experience, set up your Lightning apps to use the Salesforce softphone.

  1. In Lightning Experience, click Gear in the top toolbar.
  2. Click Setup.
  3. Search for App Manager.
  4. Under Apps, click App Manager.
  5. Either edit an existing Lightning app by clicking Arrow and Edit), or create a Lightning app by clicking New Lightning App.
  6. Under App Setting, click Utility Items.
  7. Click Add Utility Item.
  8. Select Open CTI Softphone.
  9. Leave the default settings and click Save.

For more information, see Add a Utility Bar to Lightning Apps and Make Your Calls in Lightning Experience with Open CTI in the Salesforce documentation.

Note: You can also set up your Lightning apps to use an embedded interaction window for scripts, chats, emails, and messages. For more information, see Add an embedded interaction window.

Lightning Experience limitations

PureCloud for Salesforce の Lightning Experience は、Lightning Experience のロバスト性に依存しています。現在、Lightning Experience には、CTI でいくつかの制限があります。Salesforce Classic にはこの制限はありません。 

  • Interaction attributes

    Lightning Experience does not allow PureCloud for Salesforce to save interaction attributes to fields that the Salesforce user does not have access to. For example, you configure PureCloud for Salesforce to save the queue name to a custom field but do not make the custom field visible to agents. As a result, Salesforce does not save the queue name to the custom field in reports.

    Note: In Lightning Experience, agents must have write access to fields that are used in Activity Field Mapping. For more information, see Map interaction attributes.
  • Screen pop

    Lightning Experience does not support the use of the SF_URLPop custom attribute to screen pop a new record in Salesforce.

    Tip: Do not set your softphone layouts in Salesforce to Pop to new. If you select this setting, then a dialog box appears and blocks access to the client. You cannot answer an incoming interaction in the client until you close this dialog box.
Note: Omni-Channel sync and workspace transfer only work in Lightning apps with console navigation. For more information, see Salesforce Omni-Channel and Workspace transfer.

Lightning と CTI に関するその他の問題に付いては、Salesforce で「既知の問題」を参照してください。

For more information about the integration, see About PureCloud for Salesforce.