Screen pop in the PureCloud browser extensions

Note: This article applies to PureCloud for Chrome and PureCloud for Firefox.

Screen pop functionality allows agents to see webpages based on pre-configured behavior. When an interaction alerts, the extensions can screen pop a webpage in a new browser tab.

Note: If an incoming interaction is a conference call, then the extensions do not perform a screen pop.

Administrators can configure the extensions to screen pop for inbound call, chat, email, message, and ACD voicemail interactions. The process for configuring screen pops differs depending on the interaction type.

Inbound call, callback, email, message, and ACD voicemail interactions

The extensions use the BR_URLPop custom attribute to screen pop a specific webpage for inbound call, callback, email, message, and ACD voicemail interactions. 

This procedure relies heavily on Architect configuration and only describes high-level steps. For more information, see Architect overview, Create a new flow, Set Participant Data action, and Add a Set Participant Data action to a task.

The example screen pops a specific webpage for inbound call interactions.

Note: You can follow the same steps for callbacks, emails, messages, and ACD voicemails. For emails and messages, create and publish inbound email or inbound message flows instead of inbound call flows.
  1. In Architect, create an inbound call flow.
  2. アクションとして Set Participant Data を持つタスクを追加します。
    メモ:この例では、Set Participant Data アクションを使用してコール属性を設定します。コールに属性を設定するために使用する情報は、複数の異なる場所、データ ディップ、発信者データ エントリ、ワークグループ情報、静的 URL、またはその他の属性の組み合わせから来る可能性があります。
  3. In the Attribute Name box, type BR_URLPop.
  4. In the Value to Assign box, add a full link for the page that appears when an incoming interaction contains this custom attribute. In this example, the value is a static URL. Set Participant Data with custom attribute BR_URLPop
  5. [ACD に転送] アクションをフローに追加します。
  6. このコールを受信するキューを選択します。
  7. Click Publish .

When a call comes in through this call flow, the call is assigned the custom attribute of BR_URLPop with a value of The extension then screen pops the Genesys webpage.

Screen pop to webpage with PureCloud for Chrome

Chat interactions

The extensions use the BR_URLPop custom attribute to screen pop a specific webpage for chat interactions. You can add the BR_URLPop custom attribute to the underlying code for your chat widget or associate it with a box in the chat widget. 

Set the custom attribute to a webpage, such as The information used to set BR_URLPop could come from different places: data dip, chat data entry, workgroup information, a static URL, or a combination of other attributes.

For example, to screen pop a webpage about a certain product that the customer has questions about, associate the custom attribute with a list of products in your chat widget. When a customer selects a product in the chat widget, the custom attribute screen pops the webpage for the product selected.

For more information about adding custom attributes to a chat widget, see Web chat in the Developer Center. 

For more information about the extensions, see About the PureCloud browser extensions.