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Use the organization’s email domain name

  • Routing > Email > Manage permission
Note: This article generally refers to the organization’s email domain name; however, you can use the domain or subdomain, depending on your organization’s email set-up and configuration.

Verify your domain or subdomain in PureCloud for email routing handling. This method allows you to use your existing email domain and email addresses without rerouting messages to and from the subdomain For example, the subdomain allows your customers to send email to Also, an agent can receive an email and draft a reply sent from

Note: You can only add one email domain per organization, for a maximum of two.

This process includes the following steps:

  1. In PureCloud, add the domain; for example, Add email addresses to the domain.
  2. To verify the domain, add a TXT record to your Domain Name System (DNS). PureCloud displays the verification status on the Manage Domains page. This step enables you to send outbound emails from the registered domain.
  3. To specify that inbound emails route directly to PureCloud, create an MX record on the DNS. This step confirms that PureCloud can accept emails on behalf of your email server.
    Note: Alternatively, to keep copies of inbound emails in your email system, create email redirect rules to send incoming email messages to an email address for the configured domain. Then, set up your PureCloud domain and email addresses in PureCloud Admin. For more information, see About ACD email routing.
  4. Optionally configure DKIM to help prevent outbound email routed through the custom domain from being marked as spam.
  5. Optionally set up a MAIL FROM domain to display a custom “from” address to the email recipient.

  1. 管理をクリックします。
  2. Under Contact Center, click Email. The Manage Domains page opens.
  3. Click Add Domain. The Add Domain page opens.
  4. Clear the Create a PureCloud subdomain check box.
  5. Under Domain Name, type the fully qualified domain name.
  6. Click Save. The email address page opens for the new domain.
  7. Click Add email address and follow the instructions in the next section, Add email addresses to the domain.

  1. [メールアドレス]のボックスに、顧客がメールの送信に使用するメールアドレスを入力します。
  2. Under Email Routing, select to always route emails to a queue or to a flow.
  3. If you chose to route to a queue, do the following:
    1. Click the Queue drop-down list and choose the desired queue.
    2. [スキル]のボックスに、マッチするスキルを有するエージェントに関連したメールがルーティングされるよう、ACD スキルを任意で追加します。
    3. 言語のドロップダウンリストをクリックして、言語がマッチするエージェントに関連したメールがルーティングされるよう、言語を任意で選択します。
    4. In the Priority box, optionally enter the email's priority.
      Note: When multiple waiting interactions exist, PureCloud ACD distributes them based on score. The calculation is: Interaction Score = {Time Waiting (in minutes)} + {Priority}. For example, a call waiting for 4 minutes with a 20 priority has a score of 24. That call routes before a call waiting 6 minutes with a 10 priority.
  4. If you chose to route to a flow, click the Email Flow list and choose the desired flow.
  5. In the From Name box, optionally type the agent, department, or organization name that appears to the recipient when a representative responds to an email. 
  6. In the Reply To box, optionally type the email address that appears when an agent responds to an email. 
    Note: This address overrides the "Reply to" address the customer sees when replying to the original email.
  7. 保存をクリックします。
  8. To add additional email addresses, click Add Email Address and repeat steps 1-7.

Next, verify your domain name.

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