Preview the contents of a file

  1. In Documents, search for a file or open a workspace.
  2. Click the title of a file.

If the file is in a supported format, PureCloud’s file viewer displays the file contents. Otherwise, PureCloud saves your file to the Downloads folder on your computer or device.

  • ブラウザー アプリケーションを使用している場合は、ブラウザーのコントロールを使用して、ダウンロード プロセスを完了します。 
  • For more information about using the desktop app to download files, see Download files in the desktop app.
Note: If your file is an ad hoc recording, the audio player appears when you preview the file. This allows you to listen to the recording before you download it

For more information about storing and viewing files, see Supported file types.