Virtual Edge warnings

The PureCloud Virtual Edge is a very precisely controlled software environment that is highly susceptible to malfunction due to configuration irregularities. Check out these warnings to make sure your Virtual Edge is operating within established parameters:

  • Do not make unnecessary modifications to the guest VM. Modifications can break the connection to the Cloud or impact call quality performance. For example:
    • Do not install any third-party applications such as antivirus or monitoring software. This type of software has a severe impact on performance.
    • オペレーティング システムを更新しないでください。
    • タイムゾーンや現地時刻設定を変更しないでください。
  • When configuring the Network Adapter settings in your VM, make sure that MAC Address is set to Static. (If you have it set to Dynamic, the Edge Service will not start when you restart the VM.)
  • ドメインは結合しないでください。
  • ペアリング トークンは、生成後 7 日間有効です。
  • Do not modify the pairing token .json file. Doing so breaks the pairing process.
  • After you install the Virtual Edge software, you must log on to the VM guest console. The installation automatically completes the automation and configuration tasks. The installation process then logs you off and restarts the VM. After you provision the virtual machine, do not log back in to the VM to monitor or perform any system configuration or management tasks. The only reason to log back in would be to set a static IP address.
  • The following factors impact audio quality performance:
    • ホスト ハードウェアの品質と容量
    • ホスト上の競合ソフトウェア
    • ネットワーク スループットとレイテンシー