Work with agents in a management unit


The following permissions:

  • Workforce Management > Management Unit > Add, Delete, Edit, and 検索
  • Workforce Management > Agent Edit, and View

You can organize agents within the contact center into management units based on the types of interactions they handle. Agents that handle the same set of interactions should belong to the same management unit. However, if there are more than 1000 “like” agents, split them across management units. 


  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Workforce Management, click Management Units. The Management Units page opens.
  3. Under Configuration, click Agents.
Icon or column 説明
削除 管理ユニットからエージェントを削除します。
Add Open the Add Agents dialog box and add one or more agents to a management unit.
変更を同期 Update the currently associated queues, languages, and skills associated to the agents in the management unit. Syncing changes also updates workforce management’s understanding of which agents to schedule with load-based by checking for the current Workforce Management > Agent Schedule > Utilize Load-Based permission on agent roles.
More  To remove an agent from the management unit, click this button and from the menu that appears, select Delete.
エージェントの列 現在、選択した管理ユニットに所属するエージェントをリストにします。 


タスク 説明
エージェントを管理ユニットで管理 Add or remove up to 1000 agents to a single management unit.
人材管理項目をフィルターして並び替える ビューに応じて、検索のために人材管理項目を絞り込んだり、分類することができます。