Wrap up an interaction

Note: This article applies to PureCloud for Chrome, PureCloud for Firefox, PureCloud for Salesforce, and PureCloud for Zendesk.

Use wrap-up codes to indicate the outcome of an interaction, for example, a completed sale, a customer dissatisfied with service, or a billing problem. Specify wrap-up codes and any associated notes during or after the interaction using the Wrap-up icon on the interaction.

後処理 (ACW) は、ACD インタラクションの直後に行われる作業です。エージェントが次のインタラクションに対応する前に、作業が完了すると、ACW から平均処理時間 (AHT) が割り出されます。この作業には、メモの入力とラップアップ コードの指定が含まれます。それは、エージェントがインタラクションを終了させるのに要した時間を示す測定値です。管理者は ACW が必須かオプションかを決定します。

When an ACD interaction ends, the Wrap-up window automatically opens.

Note: With callback interactions, the Wrap-up window automatically opens when you disconnect the call, not when you disconnect the callback (and the callback interaction ends). See Respond to callback interactions.

The Wrap-up window displays a timer that either counts down the amount of time that remains in time-boxed ACW or counts up the amount of time spent in non-time-boxed ACW. You cannot receive your next queue call until either you complete ACW or the ACW time limit expires (if time-boxed by an administrator). 

Note: ACW time limits only apply to voice interactions, such as callbacks or outbound dialing interactions. ACW time limits do not apply to callback interactions that you transfer before placing a call.

You can access the Wrap-up window and enter a wrap-up code and notes at any time during the interaction by clicking Wrap-up on the interaction. If you enter information before the interaction ends, the Wrap-up window still automatically opens when the interaction ends. You must verify the Wrap-up details and click Done before you can place or receive another interaction. If you close the Wrap-up window without clicking Done, the Wrap-up icon turns red, indicating that you need to complete wrap-up work.

  1. Click the Wrap-up icon.

    Note: A Notes section appears on the Wrap-up window in the PureCloud for Chrome and PureCloud for Firefox clients by default and in the PureCloud for Zendesk and PureCloud for Salesforce clients if your administrator configured it in the integration settings. For more information, see Configure call center settings and Configure PureCloud for Zendesk. The following image shows the Notes section.

    Wrap-up window

  2. Select the Wrap-up Code.
  3. Enter any related Notes
  4. 終了したら、[終了] をクリックします。

For more information about the integrations, see About the PureCloud browser extensions, About PureCloud for Salesforce, and About PureCloud for Zendesk.