July 22, 2016


Toll-free number porting into PureCloud Voice

PureCloud now provides automated support for porting toll-free numbers into PureCloud Voice. A PureCloud Voice administrator can enter individual numbers or use a downloadable template to port numbers in bulk. For more information, see Port toll-free numbers.


Callback routing

This release introduces the ability to route callback interactions to agents. For more information, see Work with voice interactions.

In conjunction with callback routing support, Architect flow designers can use the callback action to hold a caller’s current place in queue. For more information, see About callbacks in Architect.

ACD-routed preview calls

PureCloud ACD now routes outbound preview calls to agents. For more information, see Work with voice interactions.

For utilization purposes, PureCloud considers preview calls as callbacks. An administrator can configure how many callbacks agents can handle simultaneously and can specify which media types can interrupt callbacks. This change eliminates the problem of inbound calls disrupting agents who are working on outbound preview calls. For more information, see Agent utilization.

ユーザー ステータスの詳細レポート

A preliminary version of the User Status Detail report is now available. This report displays detailed user status statistics with a time notation for each status change that the user makes. For more information, see User Status Detail report.

Japanese language support

Native support is now available for Japanese(ja-JP) speech recognition, text-to-speech, IVR prompts, Architect runtime data playback, and telephony user interface (TUI). This release uses Interactive Intelligence’s in-house speech and text-to-speech engines running natively on the PureCloud Edge. For more information, see PureCloud supported languages.

Work is in progress to improve an accent issue and known issues related to long vowels sounding like diphthongs, and to provide better handling for certain numbers that are context-dependent.